Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mysore class

This morning I'll go to a Mysore class. I am glad. It's so much easier to practice in a group than alone. Yesterday I didn't practice much except these suryas. And one picture was taken....hahahahahaha. Must always a bad day follow after a good one???????? Ok, that I haven't practiced didn't spoil the entire day, but it disappointed me a bit, yes. I was so optimistic, I had so many plans what I could try on the mat and then I was too lazy. This is already past. Life went on already with an enourmous speed.

I must also admit that these interviews are exciting. I haven't got a phone call to learn about the decision. Unconsciously it keeps my mind busy. The longer I hear nothing the likely it is that someone else gets the job. This is absolutely OK for me, but to know is better than not to know. Next coffee........
It seems as if it will become a sunny day, almost unbelievable.

This evening the German soccer team plays again and they must win. This is sooooooo exciting. My heart beats faster when I only think of this evening.
Picture: It's a restaurant round the corner with a hot spot. A screen can be seen. Many restaurants have a TV to show the soccer matches.

I distract. Back to my yoga practice. What else but the breath shall be my focus.........

Something for the mind, a classic: click, buy it and enjoy. Thank you.

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