Saturday, June 12, 2010

My yoga blog

Only a poor yogini is a good yogini.........
This is provocative. But my prejudice is that with a few very good examples, the masses of the yoginis and yogis are not so interested in business (everybody wants to have enough money of course, but this is something else.)
Darren Rowse advises: Look for a niche and blog about it. Don't write about everything in one blog. He's been there. I'm learning from him, this most experienced blogger. I will keep this blog (almost) free from my activities on how to make money online. This does not interest my yoginis. It shall be enough when they click on my links, how I make them do it is not so important.

I will write more posts in my blog . This blog exists for years, but more or less it is a neglected blog. I'll activate it. A healthy life-style, healthy eating supports the yoga practice. There is no doubt about it. So my main blog, this blog won't be free of food posts, but I have so much more to post on food. My yoga blog shall have the focus on my yoga practice, my vegan life style blog has another focus.
I summarize: Business as usual here, only that there are ads. New topics that interest me longer than a year deserve a blog of their own.
That's how the blog business is........

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