Monday, June 21, 2010

My blood

Ah, I was too lazy to take the underground to get to the doc to hear the result of my blood examination.
I called him.
He: Also your liver is healthy.
Me: In other words I can drink a second glas of red wine next time?
He: Yes, you can.....
Me: I will quote you next time when I order a second one.
We laughed.
He wanted to know if I have still my period. Oh these doctors, they are shameless. To be honest I know better topics to speak about with a man than my period even when this man is a doctor. He even insisted on details.  Grgggghhhhhhhhh. He wants to give me a prescription next time: iron. What can I eat to get iron, I asked him.
He: Broccoli, tomatoes and pepper, meat, liver.
Me: I stick to the vegetables, I am vegetarian.
He started to describe a liver meal to tease me. It should look like it were a delicious meal.
Me: I stick to the vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, pepper.
He: Come again in half a year, I'll give you a prescription on iron then.
I always liked to eat iron. Hahahahaha.
When I had put the receiver on the cradle I thought: Does he think that in half a year my period has stopped?

I went grocery shopping for a little bottle of wine. I drank it to the Ratatouille that I reheated.

I am healthy like a gym shoe. I expected this result. Nevertheless it makes me happy and light-hearted. I feel as if I have wings.

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