Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday morning

This week starts rather exciting: First I'll go to a Mysore class and I'll practice second series. I won't have time to chat before the practice because I'll have an interview in the early afternoon.
June and July are intensive yoga months as M, the yoga teacher is here in Munich. 3 times a week a Mysore class and 1 led class is excellent, more would be too much.
M is away in August and September. In August we'll probably organize self-practiced classes. In September I am on holidays in Brasil and I will practice alone. I am thankful for the help that I have now.

My practice yesterday was a good preparation for today. Focus on the breath is what I will do today.

At 2pm I will have an interview. I must study my past before I go. I've forgotten my past as it is not so important for me anymore what I've done. I'm sure they want to know. To work 5 hours every week as an accountant would be good. It disciplines. I don't lose too much expertise. Money is coming in. I will appreciate again the time that is available for my writing projects. So, I hope I get the job. Nevertheless as it comes it is good.

Afterwards I can go to the doctor to get the results of my blood examination. This is surely the less exciting appointment. I feel fantastic.

I need a second cup of coffee.
Buh, time flies.......

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