Thursday, June 24, 2010

Led class

Led class this evening: To practice yoga once a day shall be enough. The morning was over too quickly. A few suryas happened, this was it.
To practice in the late evening is great as the body is so soft and bendy. At 5pm I went to a led class. It was fantastic to practice with my yogis and yoginis.
Urdhva dhanurasana was great. Patience is still necessary, but I am patient as I see progress. I love the movement to come up, with support of M surely, but one day I will do it alone.

I relaxed in a deep deep navasana ..........:)

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Quentin said...

You are fortunate to have Ashtanga Yoga studio near by. I practice daily and teach yoga, mostly the Ashtanga Yoga for life as learned going to David Williams workshops. I do not believe I have ever only done the Surya Namasakaras only at a class. My class is an hour at the community center and 75 minutes at a yoga studio, which results in doing most of the Primary Series, but only the final 3 finishing poses. For daily practice I do 3 SS-A, 3 SS-B, final 3 finishing poses and short savasana when not feeling well or have a fever. Thanks for posting your progress for it helps me progress in learning this practice.

Ursula said...

Hi Quentin,
Thank you for commenting. I wanted to answer to you in more lenght, that's why it still takes some time. Sorry.

The series are rather clear in Ashtanga yoga. If you have the book by Matthew Sweeney or David Swenson you can see them.

Your David Williams workshops are surely great. I haven't had so far the opportunity to go to a workshop with him.
So later more.
Happy practicing
PS: I always have long periods of time where I practice alone. Now i.e. and also for September. This is always an opportunity to develop a home practice.