Thursday, June 17, 2010

Led class

Yeah, it was a relaxed day. I had my second coffee at Cafe Neuhausen (see picture). It was time to write my journal and to read a bit after the visit at the doctor. It was still rather empty there, lunch time was still far away. On my way home I stopped at a book store, which was an expensive stop. Later I walked home with all the bags. Tired, I lied on the bed and I enjoyed a nap. This made me fit for the led class.

Led class: It was great again. The body is so soft in the afternoon. The room was crowded. We were 12 or 14 people, even newcomers were among the practitioners.  It became hot in the room. I sweated. To sweat is part of the practice. A woman wanted to have the doors open, but it is fresh outside. Thanks to M we kept the doors closed. Relief. To develop heat is part of the practice. This means also to sweat.
My urdhva dhanurasana felt good. It's all coming. Yes, it was a joy to practice.
Highlights? I don't know. I simply practiced and focused on the breath.
I try to give my best which is sometimes more and sometimes less.

Soccer time now.

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