Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Learning about money

I checked again my reports that amazon creates for their associates: And I was shocked. I learned that I have to sell again 7 item when I want to get 6% commission instead of 4%. They start counting each month from point 0. OK, good to know.
Mood is very optimistic today. I see the potential. To sell goods has the potential to double the income. Paid by hours has never the potential to be doubled. So, I am on a path in the jungle, it's the right direction.

Let me do a bit of calculation on earnings. How does it look like when my goal is to double my earnings with that amazon associates programme each month:
May 2010: 0,84 USD
June 2010: 1,68 USD
July 2010: 3,36 USD
Aug 2010: 6,72 USD
Sept 2010: 13,44 USD (I will get the first time a cheque, as cheques are only sent from 10 USD on)
Oct 2010: 26,88 USD
Nov 2010: 53,76 USD
Dec 2010: 107,52 USD

This is a total of 214,20 USD.
This is not a living.
Invested is brain and time, but no money. So this is also the profit.

How has this plan influence on my writing?
Example this post: I check each time when I write a new post the google search engine. My title that I had in mind for this post was "learning about earning".  Each month only 28 people search this. "Learning about money" is searched by 33,100 people each months. The decision became clear.
My most exciting titles become the first sentence of my post, but they do not appear as a title.
(I am so curious if my stat counter shows an increase of readers at the end of the month June.)

Of course this post has a book recommendation. It's the book "Money is my friend" by Phil Laut.

Click and buy. Thank you.

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