Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's fun

"It's hard work ", I read yesterday by someone who created a blog that finally attracted readers.

But this is exactly the difference between him and me. For me it is (so far) no hard work, it is fun, fun. I feel a need to write. I love to share my life on my mat. I love to write about my trips. I am never too tired (never), to take a picture for my blog and to upload it. I don't even experience blogging as work. I am greedy to write about whatever. My fingers love to dance on the keyboard.

May I quote Darren Rowse in "problogger", page 4: "I love blogging. It is great to be able to work from home, on my own schedule, while helping and meeting so many people. I can't imagine a better way to earn a living!"

That's how I feel, I love blogging and I love to have an afternoon nap (means I want to listen to my needs).

Next steps: To update more regularly my second blog and to add ads.
I need access to stat counter!!!!!! I don't know how, but this problem must be solved. Today!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Urusula, you were my first.. the first blog I discovered! And, you are still the first blog I search for (and read) each day after almost three years! Also, I'm so happy that you can create some income if we bloggers enter Amazon through your blog site and then make purchases for any item (not just the ones you recommend).. I feel there is a purpose to my shopping this way (haha)..

Ursula said...

Oh Debb, do we know each other already so long? How wonderful. :)

It's so supportive what you say.
Btw, the Manduka mat looks great.

There will always be contents beside my links to amazon.
I want to add reviews on books. But why not, this needn't spoil the blog. I change,my life changes the blog changes, too....
Thank you for reading....