Friday, June 18, 2010

Dream practice

I had a dream practice. Why? Because I had a lot of energy to give my personal best.
At the end I worked on urdhva dhanurasana. I did all the additional exercises to open the chest and shoulders (see a few posts earlier). I stretched one leg to the ceiling while I was in that pose. And finally I went up and down while using the wall as a support. This all before M gave me his adjustments. Yep. More was not possible today.

Tomorrow is my day off. Yepee..........

On my way home from the Mysore class I bought mangoes and chatted with the Pakistani mango seller about soccer. Oh, he is convinced that the German soccer team will win.......hahahahaha.

Picture is taken in South Africa. I am sure I've alread published this picture 4 years ago. I like goats.


bindifry said...

great photo

Ursula said...

Animals in South Africa.....:)