Sunday, June 13, 2010


"A lier is not believed, even when he tells the truth_______________________."

This comment I found today in my comment box. I deleted it. The main reason, I got already comments with a line at the end and this led to a porn side.

Second reaction was: What, me a lier? Insolent!

Third thoughts: What else is possible but to lie? Nobody can speak the truth. Everybody has his/her own truth. As soon as words are used lying starts.

Example: I publish a pic of myself doing a yoga pose, back bending.
My non-yogis comment: Damned you are flexible, a contortionist.
Yogis comment: This pose a year you'll be likely able to do it as it supposed to be.
Me: Oh was I stiff today.

Who tells the truth? Everybody or nobody.

The only truth: I am......
Or another truth: Consciousness is all there is.
Nothing but thoughts, but never the entertained. Don't take anything too seriously (not even yourself).


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