Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Yep, this was a wonderful morning with an excellent practice. All the challenging asanas like karandavasana improve. I had focus. Nothing else was important but my practice. On time I was ready.

At home I had a bit hectic as I didn't find 2 certificates that I wanted to add to my cv. Finally I found them, copied them and filed them to my cv. It has been some time that I was dressed business-like. The interview went very well. The boss and me stood all the time at a very huge table. To sell  myself is one of my strength. Tomorrow I will probably get the OK and then I can soon start with 5 hours a week as an accountant. Better to wait without any expectations till I have the OK. Money must come in......

So and now the blood, my blood. I hope they will give me the infos on the phone, but I am not sure. I am not so much interested in my blood and my urine. Ha ha ha.

It's a mess here, perhaps it's a good idea to do some basic chores.
Interviews make me hungry.

I'll switch on the TV, it's good to have the soccer matches in the background. That way I do not miss the goals.

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