Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloody Mary

Back from the dentist: The dentist is really great. I desperate already now when I think that one day he'll retire. He is only 5 years younger than me. He repaired my tooth. It was possible to add what broke out. I didn't feel anything. This was no more possible as the tooth is dead already. Grghhhhhh.

Of course I wanted to get my teeth cleaned. This one assistant simply does not like me. She is so brutal. Perhaps she is working profoundly, I thought, tasting  the blood. Very fast she worked, I couldn't prepare myself to the pain. Then half of my face became wet, because the water was coming out of this little mouth shower before it was in my mouth. She is unattentive, I thought. Afterwards she didn't put this salve on the treated gingival to calm it. "Rinse," she commanded unfriendly. I saw deep red blood when I disgorged. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, but the gingival didn't stop bleeding. "Was there so much calculus?" I asked her. I knew it wasn't. "There was pus," she answered with her East European accent. Pus???, I wondered, but I didn't say anything. She won't understand my allusions.

I take care of my gingival and my teeth. Nowadays. This means I clean my theeth after each and every meal (of course I floss as well). I know I belong to minority with this habit. I want to die with teeth in my mouth.
I still taste blood. Good that I had my breakfast already. I am not sure if I liked soy yogurt with banana and blood.........enough now.......:)



Anonymous said...

I did dental cleaning yesterday too. I am lucky and have a dental hygenist that is terrific, she is quick at the cleaning, which I like, but also gentle. My tip that I do to get through the 40 minute event is to keep my eyes closed the entire time and meditate on the colors that appear. If I feel mouth discomfort I start to relax my entire body from the toes, to calves, to belly to shoulders to the crown of my head and repeat and repeat... It has changed my experience.

Ursula said...

I usually can relax very well. I am also not so sniveling. This assistant is a nightmare. Here it takes 15 min to get the teeth cleaned. My gingival still hurts and 1 hour ago it still blooded. I reflect to say the next time that I want someone else to do it. The Indian woman there is also very profound but works with care and sensitivity. It's over, I am glad. My teeth are my weak point. But bad teeth are not life threatening. Hahahahah, it's simply annoying.