Saturday, June 05, 2010


Yesterday I was reading blogs of my fellow yogis and yoginis.
How to find blogs: First there is . From there one can click on one of the blogs. Most blogger have links on their blogs to other blogs and so on. That way one can jump from blog to blog.

Blogs have changed. When I started blogging 4 years ago pictures were rare, movies did (almost) not exist.
I remember an interesting text of a yogini who wrote that it is much more effective to work an body parts than to repeat asanas that one wants to learn. She recommended hanumanasana to work on opening the hips. (Sorry, I jumped from blog to blog, I don't know anymore who it was).
I saw a 3 min movie of a yogi who talked about yoga and ageing. He obsersved that we become more sensitive with age. Important is to go on with the practice also when it is hard from time to time. This is easier than to start again after a break.(Also his name I cannot remember anymore, sorry)

I was enthusiastic about the knowledge and the experience my fellow yogis and yoginis share.

One weakness I realized and this is my strength: It seems as if the yogis/yoginis write when they are in the mood to write and this is not every day, also not every week.
I practice Ashtanga yoga every day, I write every day. I hope that the contents is worth reading, but more important seems to be the reliability in which words, thoughts are delivered.

I just bought Problogger. These gentlemen live from their blogs.........I am curious how.......


Claudia said...

Hi U, This article claiming that there is only a need for 1000 true fans is also a good read

and Tim's blog at the four hour work week has lots of resources as well,

Ursula said...

Thank you Claudia,
It's too late now, after midnight, but I am keen on reading these articles.

Something I wanted to ask you for a long time: Why do you not join Many Ashtangi bloggers are united there. The page is known in the scenery.
Good night for now.