Friday, June 04, 2010

Blog quality

Since I sell amazon products on my blog, I started thinking of my readers:
What do they want?
What am I willing to give?
How can I make my blog even more exciting?
This is a provocation!!!! (not only)

I won't stop using my blog to sell products!!!

The quality of my blog shall remain the same or improve.
There must be something to read and how it is presented that interests:
It is my simplicity, the passion for yoga and writing about it on a daily basis. (That's what I've heard, hahaha).
And a few other things, but shall this be enough self-praise.

Sometimes up to 20% of the readers are longer than 1 hour of my blog. Most of the time 10% are longer than 1 hour on my blog. This is for me the criteria that something is written that others want to read, even though it was written first for myself. I will go on check how long readers remain on that blog.

What else can I offer? I had 2 ideas:
1. Why not ask the readers about what topic I shall write? I already write more about food  than I did in former times, because it was wished. Why not write about other topics, too, if wished.
2. The second idea was to invite guest blogger. A suggested this to me first. He will surely be one of the first guest blogger. Today I asked my yoga teacher M, if he liked to be a guest blogger and he likes the idea (Yuhuuuuu). Amazing, isn't it. This was for me the message: This is a good idea, try it.

Live happens, ideas fly to me.

A book on blogging:

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