Wednesday, June 16, 2010

blog name

I need a name for the baby, my new blog. It will be on wordpress and it will be about my online activities (on making money online to be precise). Another obstacle. Even names like "mangomango" are taken. As soon as the word money or cash appears in the name, one can forget to create a new blog. "It's taken", I get the message again and again. I have given up the idea already that the name must have something to do with the contents of the blog. But even then I do not find an available name. "Now" was my glorious idea. This name is too short. Four letters are required. Grgggghhhhhh.

Ideal is when the name is short, when it has something to do with the contents, when people search this name. It must be easy to remember. Yep. But to find such a word is a nightmare............"sunandrain" comes into my mind. This is taken, I am sure. And redhandbag? This I will try now. Redhandbag to put the cash into it. RHB can be the abbreviation. crazy is this.

Let's see what amazon finds when I enter "blog name" : yeah a celebrity name blog........

And spelling check does not work either.............I tell you, and I want to have passive income. I'm busy like hell.

Redhandbag was taken, too.
Then I entered: myredhandbag. This is now the name of my online adventures.......:)


If I wouldn't have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and I know that they take my blood, I would drink now a glas of red wine. I'll postpone to celebrete this name. myredhandbag.......ahhhhhhhh....for the flees, the cash,...........

An hour later: I start doubting if it was a good idea to have a blog at wordpress......time for a break......:(

Soccer this evening for relaxation.


bindifry said...

you make $ just by putting ads on your blog?

Ursula said...

This is the idea.

To be precise: I became an amazon associate. When readers click on my ads and when they then buy something at amazon, I get a commission........
Amazon registers when readers come from my blog to the amazon side.

I read between the lines. You want to do this, too.......:)

bindifry said...

i don't think too many people read my blog

Ursula said...

It's called passive income to make money with ads, but what see is: it keeps me rather busy......:)