Thursday, June 03, 2010

Blog business

Godfrey Devereux: To be honest I had already forgotten this yogi and his workshop if not here and then google searcher find my blog because of this key word. I will add a link to his book on that old post. I have this book here, I also know where I can find it. It's probably a good idea to add links to older posts when I realize that posts are searched more often than once and found via google search engines.

This observance leads to another thought: It probably makes sense to write reviews. The title must then be the name of the author/writer. This can attract new readers that belong to my niche: yogis, travellers, people who like to eat vegan.........
It makes sense to write reviews on Mondays and Thursdays as there are the most visitors on my blog. And to myself: It needn't to be long, a few sentences can be enough. I can write a second and third review on the same book with another focus. Why not. No stress, no pressure.......:)

To me humorous is also good for a blog, I read today: hahahahahahaha. This shall be good for the traffic and this is good for the business. hahahahahahaha.

Next step: I want to add a banner. I failed again. I will write to amazon again. They write personal letters, long letters to questions. I had already contacted them several times due to some issues. They really support their blogger and associates. :)

Funny: I focused so far on the American market. I am also part of the German, UK and French programme. They sent me Emails already: we noticed you have not sold anything yet, if you need help, click here and there.........

Book recommendation: Become a recognized authority in your field in 60 days or less by Robert W. Bly.


Linda said...

I'm sorry to say that i really don't like this new stuff on your blog. I might stop reading all together, it annoys me so much, but that's just me. Wish you godd luck anyway!

Ursula said...

Oh, Linda,
Yeah only change is permanent.

I hope you can transform your annoyance and use it for your practice or anything else you like.
Could you make out, why a blog provokes such feelings?
What does annoy you? That you can click and be led to amazon or that I write about other topics, too?

It's not possible to please everybody. Sorry on my side, too.

My tip: Simply go to those posts that you like and don't click.

PS: Thank you for your comment btw!!!!


Anna said...

The blog *has* completely changed now - which, in my opinion is a shame. I just don't like the hard sell. I do wish you 'Good Luck' with making money but it is a pity that this imperative has 'hijacked' what was a wonderful blog. It's your blog of course but it's disappointing!

Ursula said...

Hi Anna,
I know you now for a while and appreciate your comments and feed back very much. This is why I go into detail.

Today is Thursday. I have written 6 posts. Three were on Ashtanga yoga (planning, practice, additional thoughts). 1 post was on food, a topic that interests you, too. Only 2 posts were on selling/business. I even published my own pictures as usual (as I did it the last 2 years, my blog exists 4 years now).
Why do you not read the 4 posts which are like always. Don't buy if you don't like it. I do not even learn who buys.
This is really a question: Why do you not enjoy 4 posts on a topic that interests you. Why do you get annoyed due to 2 posts that do not interest you.
For me the expressed annoyance of you and L has really positive aspects: I get ideas. One is: I see that readers want me to write about special topic. This can be an opportunity to exercise my writing skills i.e.......
Fact is: I only miss readers who comment or follow this blog. From all the others I know nothing. Fact is the numbers of my readers and followers goes up steadily. How do you interprete it?
I see how much you have loved this blog in the past. I see this as a compliment. But nothing can go on without a change decade after decade. I like to try new things and to write about it motivates me. I hope you understand these aspects.
And let's face it, let me be a bit provacative: there is no alternative to my blog (despite the ads). I am digestable on a daily basis...:)

Anna said...

Hi Ursula -
Thanks for your comment. I have loved your blog, still enjoy reading and am truly not *annoyed* by the changes but disappointed - which is a big difference.
My feeling is that since you've re-orientated the blog to get an income from selling through your posts it just feels like this is the *motivation* for you writing the posts themeselves. Therefore, ignoring the Click doesn't work - because the sale is threaded into the whole post. And of course, to sell successfully this is what you need to do. But for me, it's changed the nature of the blog.
However, no-one else seems to be bothered by it! I'll still be reading - and still trying to be a 100% vegan yogini.

Ursula said...

Hi Anna,
Your comments are very welcomed, all of them. What one person expresses, might other people feel, too.
A lot of try and error will go on surely, adventures are so......
Nevertheless I still wish you to be entertained.
I will think about your words.
You are already a perfect vegan yogini. Nobody is 100%. If the direction is OK, that you wish to go, I think this is reason enough to feel good.

Happy practices