Monday, June 14, 2010


Picture: Baddha konasana in South Africa, 4 years ago. Please enjoy the landscape. It's a beautiful country. Yesterday was a soccer evening. The German team played the first time during this World Cup. Ah, how I enjoyed the match. This was speed.

But now is Ashtanga time again. I got up a bit late. At 9am or a bit later I want to be at a Mysore class after 2 lazy days. Why ever, but yesterday I didn't practice and Saturday is my day off. Nevertheless I'll practice second series this morning. Focus as usual will be the breath.

When I look to the left, I see a tired male being in the bed: E is back. :) Hahahaha, he hasn't changed.

Btw, my vegan blog is updated more frequently now than in the past: .

Ashtanga second series and third series with Mr Swenson:

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