Thursday, June 03, 2010


I was studying the bible. For Ashtangis this is the book "Astanga yoga by P. Jois (and Lino Miele). Sharath was the model. Each asana is pictured.
My reason why I checked the book was I wanted to see when to start from samasthiti when doing full vinyasas. Only 21 times I start again from samasthiti in the middle part, primary series. This seems doable.

It's interesting to see that garbha pindasana and kukkutasana do not belong together and are not practiced together.
Supta padangusthasana and supta parsvasahita are seen as seperate asanas, too. Interesting. I always practiced them together.
Yeah, these are the redundant details, but I wanted to know........

21 times samasthiti......hihihi.

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denise said...

All the topics you mentioned are very interesting, and I will be happy to read about them. it is always a pleasure to read you, I learn a lot with you, now with thw pictures it's even more interesting and funny at the same time. Enjoy your vacation in Hawai, it's so nice the warm weather, right?