Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ashtanga yoga

I looked at the watch and I almost fell off the chair. It was 2pm. This was a long morning practice, or better early afternoon practice. The weather is so helpful. I forgot to focus on a relaxed face. I examined the asanas.

Highlights happened:
Pashasana was possible, I have lost weight. Yeah, it is so. Less weight, better pashasana.......:)
Tittibasana B, the fingers could hook. The step that I could make were modest......but shall they be big steps?
I even practiced several versions of karandavasana. I lifted my body from sirsasana into pincha mayurasana. I folded my legs into padmasana while I was in sirsasana (flat hands and head formed a triangle), went down and up again, fell against the wardrobe, had to laugh.....

Ah, no music today, I listened to my breath.

Yeah, it was an excellent practice (that back bending was not so amazing great is forgotten already).

My practice was so good that I was so motivated to add 5 min pranayama. I exercised uddjay breathing......

Ah, my dinner was frugal.........so good........:)


bindifry said...

my teacher warned me never to practice pranayama after asana. only before. actually 2 teachers warned the same thing.

Ursula said...

The correct order is asanas then pranayama, then meditation.

In Ashtanga yoga we have all in one as we do uddjay breathing (pranayama) while we practice asanas.

Try it yourself. It feels much better to do pranayama after the practice. I only mention one reason: the body is soft and it is so much easier to sit in lotus pose. This is the best pose to practice pranayama.

Another reason: First we do the more active practice, like moving the body, we progress to the more subtle exercises. This makes sense for me, too.......

But I know that some yoga schools teach it the other way round. It is not life threatening......:)