Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ashtanga yoga, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I was stiffer as I thought I would be.
I was more committed as I thought I could be.

It's not possible to see progress every day. Even though I saw progress this morning. Tittibasana B was great, as the fingers could touch.
Yoga nidrasana was great, too, as my feet that were behind my head could touch the floor with the help of M.

I am very conscious that it is pure luxury that I have so much time to practice every day and to have such an excellent teacher. I feel really thankful for this.

I'd like to take some pic. I got new ideas how to develop kapotasana, but my body needs rest. Tomorrow, tomorrow..........(is not never).

Simply to practice is the secret, simply to do it.

Asthanga yoga:


Energy in Motion LLC said...

I feel for you. The older I get the stiffer I get! Ugh! :) You're doing great!

Ursula said...

Thank you for feeling with me. Yeah, I cannot deny it, age matters, but I can do more than I thought. And all our youngsters are stiffer than me, here.......:)