Wednesday, June 09, 2010

am tired

It becomes later and later till my body is finally in a horizontal position. In the morning I feel a bit dizzy then and tired, even though sleep should be enough (7,5 hours).
I have time, I tell myself, it's not necessary to hurry. It needn't to be me each time who arrives first in the Mysore class. Even though I like this. Usually we chat before Mysore classes about Asthanga yoga, our lives and what is going on in that world. I don't want to miss this either.


I wanted to give myself a forecast about how the practice will be. I put off all my clothes and stepped on the scales. Sigh, pashasana will be most difficult. M will have to make pashasana out of me. I need to eat less.

My focus will be the breath. The breath initiates the movements and this moment shall be especially the focus. Long deep breaths shall usher me through the practice.

It's sunny here. How I love summer. I must give water to my flowers on the balcony. They are such a first joy for me in the morning.


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