Saturday, June 12, 2010

Almost midnight.....

The party is still in full swing. It will surely go till the early morning hours. But I am a yogini. I need my sleep. And I go up early (wish or reality?) That I stayed so long surprised even me, I mean it's now after midnight. This does not happen so often that I'm out for so long. Yep, I was entertained, talked to very nice people. We were all dressed like soccer fans (black, red, golden) and the men were even dressed like sportsmen (90% gay). Someone painted a German flag on my cheek. This made people later in the underground believe that I've watched the soccer game. But there was no TV at the party. Other commuters knew that Uruguay : France played 1:1. People talk to each other here during the world cup. A discussion about the French soccer team started, but I had to leave the underground. I had arrived.
I drank water and Coke and enjoyed the very delicious potato salad at the party. This reminds me that I will have to give water to my flowers, it was a hot day today.
Then I will sit for a while and I'll enjoy the silence.........before I go to bed.

Ramesh Balsekar, my favourite Advaita guru: Life happens.

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