Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I joined twitter. There is no stillstand.......I am confused.
I want to forward  posts of this blog to twitter, but only one blog allows this. Somehow I must change the settings. To find out where is the question now.......oh, oh, oh......:)

Ashtanga yoga, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I was stiffer as I thought I would be.
I was more committed as I thought I could be.

It's not possible to see progress every day. Even though I saw progress this morning. Tittibasana B was great, as the fingers could touch.
Yoga nidrasana was great, too, as my feet that were behind my head could touch the floor with the help of M.

I am very conscious that it is pure luxury that I have so much time to practice every day and to have such an excellent teacher. I feel really thankful for this.

I'd like to take some pic. I got new ideas how to develop kapotasana, but my body needs rest. Tomorrow, tomorrow..........(is not never).

Simply to practice is the secret, simply to do it.

Asthanga yoga:

Mysore class

Ah, how wonderful, I can go to a Mysore class again.
Blogs are so motivating. This time I speak about my vegan blog ( ). I like to pubish  recipes, so this means I have to prepare something. My own food is usually healthier than the food in restaurants. This morning I realized with joy that I approach my favouite weight.
Pashasana will be great today.

I will practice second series today. This makes me happy. I am convinced that a balanced practice has deep forward bending (1st series) and deep back bending asanas (2nd series).

Focus shall be the breath again. Yeah. Focusing on the breath makes the practice easier......:)

I am late already......I must hurry.....

Yoga Mala, a classic:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ashtanga yoga

I looked at the watch and I almost fell off the chair. It was 2pm. This was a long morning practice, or better early afternoon practice. The weather is so helpful. I forgot to focus on a relaxed face. I examined the asanas.

Highlights happened:
Pashasana was possible, I have lost weight. Yeah, it is so. Less weight, better pashasana.......:)
Tittibasana B, the fingers could hook. The step that I could make were modest......but shall they be big steps?
I even practiced several versions of karandavasana. I lifted my body from sirsasana into pincha mayurasana. I folded my legs into padmasana while I was in sirsasana (flat hands and head formed a triangle), went down and up again, fell against the wardrobe, had to laugh.....

Ah, no music today, I listened to my breath.

Yeah, it was an excellent practice (that back bending was not so amazing great is forgotten already).

My practice was so good that I was so motivated to add 5 min pranayama. I exercised uddjay breathing......

Ah, my dinner was good........:)


This shall be the beginning of a short series where I write down my current knowledge of the body parts and their role when I practice Ashtanga yoga.

The face:
The face is relaxed. Always. I remember an exercise that I did decades ago in a yoga class: we engaged all facial muscles and then released them. It can be a good exercise to feel the difference.

The front is not frowned also not when I look up. One of my mistakes is that I look up to the sky while the drishti is the third eye like in upward dog. It's easier to keep the front relaxed when looking only at the third eye.
The lower chin is relaxed too. The teeth are not clinching. Yeah, I realized that my teeth touch when I jump forward.
The tongue touches the palate softly.

Yoga has the potential to calm the mind. We calm the mind by focusing.

The eyes are not wandering around, a dristhti is given. Some yoginis close the eyes, but in Asthanga yoga the eyes are open and they are looking at a dristhi. To keep them steady, calms the mind. There is a rapid eye movement when we think. When we keep the eyes fixed at a point, thinking becomes calm.

I always breath through the nose (never through the mouth). When I'm so out of breath that I have to breath through the mouth, I take a break. This scarcly happens with me, but it can happen for bloody beginners.

The ears listen to the uddjay breathing. This is calming as well in my opinion. This sound of the breathing that reminds me of the waves of the breath is the focus of the ears.

Pretend as if, I read somewhere and facts will follow. Pretend as if you are relaxed and you will soon feel so.

I am convinced that practice becomes easier when we relax the face.

During my next practices I will observe my face when exhaling. Relaxation, I will think. Let go.
Oh I forgot to mention: To have  relaxed face off the mat is a good exercise, too.

Yoga Mala by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (2010): (there is a new edition on the market, interesting):
It's a classic for all yoginis and yogis: click and buy, thank you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer time

I was not too lazy to put the table on the balcony to have lunch outside. How I love summer time. I prepared a salad for myself. In Hannover we were at a book store and I found a wonderful book by Attila Hildmann, a vegan cook. I wanted to try one of the salads. The recipe is posted on my vegan blog: .

My life it good for the time being, because I can live according to my own rhythm.........I enjoy it.

Time to do some chores.............

Slow practice

Two days no yoga practice is simply one day too much. One day to relax the body is good but 2 days off means that the next practice will be stiff. So it was. M and the group helped me to have a more intensive practice that I would have had if I practiced alone at home. I was not really unhappy despite the felt stiffness, because I did what was possible. I was committed. To make it a bit easier I practiced slowly. Why hurry when I have time?!!

I focused on the breath of course, especially when I start a new movement. The breath initiates each movement. When I exhale (which happens from alone) I usually focus on the  bandhas. Today I focused on a relaxed face. During each asana muscles are engaged, others are relaxed. Finally this is body control. The face is always relaxed.

Do we yogis and yoginis need aniPod?


Only positive thoughts come up this morning. Energy is felt. Everything seems possible. I am content with myself.....hahahaha. And in addition the sun is shining. I will go on with my online projects. For sure.

Two days I haven't practiced. Life is so sometimes. Nevertheless I'll practice second series today in the Mysore class. Slowly, with attention I will exercise one asana after the other.........
My focus will be a relaxed face..........

Oh, I am in a hurry already........:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A goat

They are curious the animals. :)

Water for the plants

Water for the plants.......:)

Summer time

It's great to sit outside in the shadow......

The little towns in the north

It is a bit deserted there, even on a Saturday evening. Nevertheless these little towns have a certain beauty. The houses are renovated. There are places with benches to sit, everything is clean......

Flowers everywhere

Flowers everywhere, it's summertime.

The lake

Yeah, the air is clear there, the sun was shining. We relaxed. There is not much to write, it was simply a relaxing weekend with no yoga.


We strolled around. There is a beautiful lake very close at G.'s home. In summer time it is especially relaxing there.

Back on time

Yeah, we were back on time, means before 6pm to see the soccer match Germany : England. We are relieved now, we won 4 :1.
Another match is broadcasted this evening.

The discussions on TV go on and on. The mood is relaxed and joyful here in Germany.

I love the passion that can be seen when they play.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I am up, sipping coffee. It will be a long long day for me. Before leaving my home I will have to pack my suitcase. E and me will travel to the north of Germany in the afternoon. A friend of him has his 60s birthday. The party is this evening.

I will travel without yoga mat and without PC. Time is too short.

But Mysore class comes first..........primary this morning.
On Sunday I will be back on time for the match England: Germany. My picture is for the German soccer youngsters. May we win. Hahahaha.

For the modern yogi and yogini: Click and buy and enjoy. Thank you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Led class

Led class this evening: To practice yoga once a day shall be enough. The morning was over too quickly. A few suryas happened, this was it.
To practice in the late evening is great as the body is so soft and bendy. At 5pm I went to a led class. It was fantastic to practice with my yogis and yoginis.
Urdhva dhanurasana was great. Patience is still necessary, but I am patient as I see progress. I love the movement to come up, with support of M surely, but one day I will do it alone.

I relaxed in a deep deep navasana ..........:)

Ramesh Balsekar - his books can change the quality of your life:


Buh, I slept as if I had played soccer yesterday evening. What an exciting evening on the sofa. Finally the first goal happened and it remained the only one. We won, Ghana lost, but they are further, too. Relief. Relief was felt. Oh, what we've trembeled.

How much easier is yoga: I do not have to win. To enjoy the practice is the goal........

I want to practice second series in the morning. In the evening I will go to a led class, then we are led through primary.

So many other things are on the schedule: my desk needs's my working place here, it shall be beautiful and clean........(Oh no, I haven't heard anything from the company where I had the interview, now already two days ago. It shall be OK for me.........)

Tomorrow I'll fly to the north of Germany. E is invited to a party. A professor has his 60s birthday. He wants me to come with him and I am invited, too. E wants me for the conversations so that he has time to enjoy the food without having conversations at the same time. I like to play this role. I talk more and eat less, he eats more and talks less. This pleases both of us.
I will travel without yoga mat and without PC.........hahahahaha, what an exercise.

Something for the mind. I appreciate all 3 books of Jed McKenna. They are entertaining and worth reading:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh, it is exciting....

My, my, my, my, my...............
This world cup 2010 is exciting.
Oli is my favourite commentor. He has expertise, knows all the players and has personal stories to tell, he also is emotional, but calm at the same time........

Oliver Kahn:


Shall they win tonight, the German youngsters.............yep.

Second series

When I practice first series I have the feeling that I practice this series.
When I practice second series I have the feeling as if I am learning.

After the summer break M wants to start karandavasana with pincha mayursana. Nowadays I do sirsasana, then I cross my legs to padmasana, then I lift myself up into pincha mayurasana. Balancing becomes better. Most difficult will be to come up when the legs are on the arms. Step by step also this pose can be mastered.
In the summer break I will exercise pincha mayursana. Perhaps I should go more far away from the wall.

Practice and all is coming I think. Repetition is the key to master the poses. Everything that I do so far seems within reach during my lifetime.......

So and now I must take a pic of a yoga pose for the German soccer team this evening.

Btw: I update my vegan blog much more often than in the past: .

Mysore class

This morning I'll go to a Mysore class. I am glad. It's so much easier to practice in a group than alone. Yesterday I didn't practice much except these suryas. And one picture was taken....hahahahahaha. Must always a bad day follow after a good one???????? Ok, that I haven't practiced didn't spoil the entire day, but it disappointed me a bit, yes. I was so optimistic, I had so many plans what I could try on the mat and then I was too lazy. This is already past. Life went on already with an enourmous speed.

I must also admit that these interviews are exciting. I haven't got a phone call to learn about the decision. Unconsciously it keeps my mind busy. The longer I hear nothing the likely it is that someone else gets the job. This is absolutely OK for me, but to know is better than not to know. Next coffee........
It seems as if it will become a sunny day, almost unbelievable.

This evening the German soccer team plays again and they must win. This is sooooooo exciting. My heart beats faster when I only think of this evening.
Picture: It's a restaurant round the corner with a hot spot. A screen can be seen. Many restaurants have a TV to show the soccer matches.

I distract. Back to my yoga practice. What else but the breath shall be my focus.........

Something for the mind, a classic: click, buy it and enjoy. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Uttanasana A

No, this was not my yoga day so far. After the suryas I stopped. I took pictures of uttanasana and then I gave up.
On the picture uttanasana A can be seen. Uttanasana B is when the shoulders go forward.
Again I see how much picture help me to improve my practice. I see i.e. that the back is not straigtht. The crest pulls to the floor not to the shin bone, M uses to say. The finger and toes are in line, but I think the hands can go a bit more backwards so that they are in line with the verses. I remember that I engaged the bandhas (belly in).
This pose is surely not considered as one of the difficult ones, but I see how much I can improve it. There is still so much distance between the belly and the legs.
There is no simple asana.

Digital cameras can help to improve the asanas:

Having my second breakfast in the kitchen

I'm having my second breakfast in the kitchen. It's a standing party. I have fresh strawberry jam from my mother, soy margarine and olive bread.

My mat still has to wait a bit.......I was not yet ready to practice, I'm's OK.

For the book readers among us:


Mango is my favourite fruit. Right now I'm enjoying a fresh mango, sweet and juicy, with soy yogurt for breakfast. It's energy pure. It's a light first meal, my breakfast.

My day: what's to do?
First I'll write my journal, then I'll practice second series.
Then it's time to work on my blogs........I need a new statistic, I cannot open statcounter anymore.

Time to become active.......:)

Something for the searchers:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Plan for tomorrow

Home practice is on the schedule. I will practice second series.
And then I will attack the taxes.......:)

My blood

Ah, I was too lazy to take the underground to get to the doc to hear the result of my blood examination.
I called him.
He: Also your liver is healthy.
Me: In other words I can drink a second glas of red wine next time?
He: Yes, you can.....
Me: I will quote you next time when I order a second one.
We laughed.
He wanted to know if I have still my period. Oh these doctors, they are shameless. To be honest I know better topics to speak about with a man than my period even when this man is a doctor. He even insisted on details.  Grgggghhhhhhhhh. He wants to give me a prescription next time: iron. What can I eat to get iron, I asked him.
He: Broccoli, tomatoes and pepper, meat, liver.
Me: I stick to the vegetables, I am vegetarian.
He started to describe a liver meal to tease me. It should look like it were a delicious meal.
Me: I stick to the vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, pepper.
He: Come again in half a year, I'll give you a prescription on iron then.
I always liked to eat iron. Hahahahaha.
When I had put the receiver on the cradle I thought: Does he think that in half a year my period has stopped?

I went grocery shopping for a little bottle of wine. I drank it to the Ratatouille that I reheated.

I am healthy like a gym shoe. I expected this result. Nevertheless it makes me happy and light-hearted. I feel as if I have wings.

Busy, busy, busy

Yep, this was a wonderful morning with an excellent practice. All the challenging asanas like karandavasana improve. I had focus. Nothing else was important but my practice. On time I was ready.

At home I had a bit hectic as I didn't find 2 certificates that I wanted to add to my cv. Finally I found them, copied them and filed them to my cv. It has been some time that I was dressed business-like. The interview went very well. The boss and me stood all the time at a very huge table. To sell  myself is one of my strength. Tomorrow I will probably get the OK and then I can soon start with 5 hours a week as an accountant. Better to wait without any expectations till I have the OK. Money must come in......

So and now the blood, my blood. I hope they will give me the infos on the phone, but I am not sure. I am not so much interested in my blood and my urine. Ha ha ha.

It's a mess here, perhaps it's a good idea to do some basic chores.
Interviews make me hungry.

I'll switch on the TV, it's good to have the soccer matches in the background. That way I do not miss the goals.

Monday morning

This week starts rather exciting: First I'll go to a Mysore class and I'll practice second series. I won't have time to chat before the practice because I'll have an interview in the early afternoon.
June and July are intensive yoga months as M, the yoga teacher is here in Munich. 3 times a week a Mysore class and 1 led class is excellent, more would be too much.
M is away in August and September. In August we'll probably organize self-practiced classes. In September I am on holidays in Brasil and I will practice alone. I am thankful for the help that I have now.

My practice yesterday was a good preparation for today. Focus on the breath is what I will do today.

At 2pm I will have an interview. I must study my past before I go. I've forgotten my past as it is not so important for me anymore what I've done. I'm sure they want to know. To work 5 hours every week as an accountant would be good. It disciplines. I don't lose too much expertise. Money is coming in. I will appreciate again the time that is available for my writing projects. So, I hope I get the job. Nevertheless as it comes it is good.

Afterwards I can go to the doctor to get the results of my blood examination. This is surely the less exciting appointment. I feel fantastic.

I need a second cup of coffee.
Buh, time flies.......

Sunday, June 20, 2010

vinyasa yoga

I started my yoga week with primary. It must have been afternoon already when I stepped on my mat as it is rather late  now. The body was surprisingly flexible. I practiced full vinyasa in the middle part of the practice. I was no more able to do full vinyasa during the closing sequence.

Urdhva dhanurasana: Only to see if I am still able to do it, I dropped back. The feet were parallel on the mat and I dropped back without too much fear. I stretched my arms towards the floor when I lost control and I could hold me safely. What I want now is no more to drop back somehow, it shall be correct. The asana aims at opening the front of the body, the hips and the upper chest. This is why I added hanumanasna to my practice. Hanumanasana lengthens the front side of the body between leg and corpse. This is helpful for urdhva dhanurasana. This allows to let the hands walk closely to the feet.

After urdhva dhanurasana I am no more able to hold plank pose. My arms are too weak then. It shows me that I practiced till my limits. Progress comes slowly, but it comes.

My practice was a good preparation for tomorrow when I practice second series. This is for sure. I sweated a lot which is part of the practice.

Something else I realized. Ashtanga yoga is a very dynamic practice due to all these vinyasas between the asanas. But there is also a calm part. It is when the asanas are held for 5 breaths (earlier it was 8 breaths). To my taste I move too much when I hold the asanas. To be more passive to let go is my intention next time.

I deserve a second breakfast now.......:)

A book of a yogi who practices for decades: "The only way out is in."


I remember a dream of last night: I practiced bow pose, dhanurasana. I could bring easily the soles of my feet to the head. If this is so easy I can put the feet on the floor in front of my shoulders, I thought and did it. Wow, this was easy, too. This morning I feel stiff........

Yesterday was my yoga free day and marathon cleaning day. Afterwards I was too lazy to cook. I didn't like to make my kitchen dirty again so quickly, so we went out for dinner to one of our favourite Italian restaurants (see picture). As usual I had spagetti tarantino there, the sauce is with capres and olives and a lot of garlic. It's tasty and vegan, but they use a lot of olive oil, it's surely not prepared as a meal to become slim. E had spagetti bolognese.

So, time to prepare mentally my morning practice: primary is on the schedule. I want to do full vinyasas. There are only 20 different asanas in the middle part I tell myself, only 20 times I will have to start from samasthithi. I have counted. I want to add hanumanasana, side split and forward split. Special attention I want to give urdhva dhanurasana......back bending.

The Tao of the uncluttered life:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The weekend

I am planning the weekend. Saturday is my yoga free day. I respect this. My practices are intensive during the week, not always good, but always intensive. The day off is relaxing for the body and the soul.

It's planned to cook, to repeat some English grammar, to read.

On Sunday I'll start my yoga practice with primary: To do full vinyasa is planned. Hanumanasana shall be added and some back bending asanas. I want to stand up from urdhva dhanurasana. I am relaxed. I know as soon as a wish is fulfilled the next wish arises.

Time to study my cooking books to pamper my bf with something delicious. We both want to lose some
Click and buy (this or something else), thank you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dream practice

I had a dream practice. Why? Because I had a lot of energy to give my personal best.
At the end I worked on urdhva dhanurasana. I did all the additional exercises to open the chest and shoulders (see a few posts earlier). I stretched one leg to the ceiling while I was in that pose. And finally I went up and down while using the wall as a support. This all before M gave me his adjustments. Yep. More was not possible today.

Tomorrow is my day off. Yepee..........

On my way home from the Mysore class I bought mangoes and chatted with the Pakistani mango seller about soccer. Oh, he is convinced that the German soccer team will win.......hahahahaha.

Picture is taken in South Africa. I am sure I've alread published this picture 4 years ago. I like goats.


Last practice of the week. I'll go to a Mysore class. On Friday I practice primary.
Yesterday evening I studied the bible, the book by Lino Miele and P. Jois. Each time when I go through this book, I discover something new. When I practice alone I like to do full vinyasa. I thought one begins the asanas with samasthiti only in the middle part of the practice. But also the last asanas of the closing sequence start with samasthithi if one wants to practice full vinyasas.
Full vinyasa feels good to me. It shall also help me to build strength. I have the feeling that I need more strength for second series. To lift the body up when I am in karandavasana is only possible with very strong arms. Full vinyasas can support to build strenght as much more push ups are done.

Yesterday after class we had an interesting conversation. A yogini complained how difficult it is to bind when doing the twists. Another yogini said that it is easy for her as she has long arms, but then the pose has no more the same effect, because the spine needn't turn so much in order to bind. This woman practiced Ashtanga yoga only for a few months, but has so much understanding. To have it easy or to do quickly a pose is not the goal. The poses have all an effect on the body. To have this effect is the goal. Sometimes it can be better not to be able to do an asana so quickly. This woman said that her challenge is to build strength. This is in my opinion another wisdom. There are challenges for everybody. If no challenge is felt, one does not practice correctly. The practice surely becomes easier, but challenges remain.

The soccer players want to win, we yoginis and yogis cannot win, we can only enjoy our practice.....
Shall this be my attitude today.......less ambition, more joy.

And now my second cup of coffee.......

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Led class

Yeah, it was a relaxed day. I had my second coffee at Cafe Neuhausen (see picture). It was time to write my journal and to read a bit after the visit at the doctor. It was still rather empty there, lunch time was still far away. On my way home I stopped at a book store, which was an expensive stop. Later I walked home with all the bags. Tired, I lied on the bed and I enjoyed a nap. This made me fit for the led class.

Led class: It was great again. The body is so soft in the afternoon. The room was crowded. We were 12 or 14 people, even newcomers were among the practitioners.  It became hot in the room. I sweated. To sweat is part of the practice. A woman wanted to have the doors open, but it is fresh outside. Thanks to M we kept the doors closed. Relief. To develop heat is part of the practice. This means also to sweat.
My urdhva dhanurasana felt good. It's all coming. Yes, it was a joy to practice.
Highlights? I don't know. I simply practiced and focused on the breath.
I try to give my best which is sometimes more and sometimes less.

Soccer time now.

In a hurry

1. I have to go to the doctor: routine
2. breakfast outside and writing my journal there
3. duties, like preparing taxes
4. working on my blogs
5. led class this evening

(Yep, on Monday I'll have an interview. 5 hours accounting every week sounds good.)

I am in a hurry....

Picture: it shows houses round the corner in Munich.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

blog name

I need a name for the baby, my new blog. It will be on wordpress and it will be about my online activities (on making money online to be precise). Another obstacle. Even names like "mangomango" are taken. As soon as the word money or cash appears in the name, one can forget to create a new blog. "It's taken", I get the message again and again. I have given up the idea already that the name must have something to do with the contents of the blog. But even then I do not find an available name. "Now" was my glorious idea. This name is too short. Four letters are required. Grgggghhhhhh.

Ideal is when the name is short, when it has something to do with the contents, when people search this name. It must be easy to remember. Yep. But to find such a word is a nightmare............"sunandrain" comes into my mind. This is taken, I am sure. And redhandbag? This I will try now. Redhandbag to put the cash into it. RHB can be the abbreviation. crazy is this.

Let's see what amazon finds when I enter "blog name" : yeah a celebrity name blog........

And spelling check does not work either.............I tell you, and I want to have passive income. I'm busy like hell.

Redhandbag was taken, too.
Then I entered: myredhandbag. This is now the name of my online adventures.......:)


If I wouldn't have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and I know that they take my blood, I would drink now a glas of red wine. I'll postpone to celebrete this name. myredhandbag.......ahhhhhhhh....for the flees, the cash,...........

An hour later: I start doubting if it was a good idea to have a blog at wordpress......time for a break......:(

Soccer this evening for relaxation.


I schould have planted sea roses on my balcony. The flowers that I bought don't like swimming.
Let's change the topic.........

For the Munich readers: VHS starts with the summer programme. Adult evening classes can be booked.

yoga class

The picture shows another exercise that shall open the shoulders. I am on my knees, thighs are vertikal. The chest pulls to the floor. It's good to hold this pose for perhaps 20 breaths. Then the body relaxes. I exercise this pose before kapotasana, the deepest back bending of the second series.

Wednesday already. I am so lucky that I could go to a Mysore class again. Today my body was willing, the mind, too. I did what was possible. To learn means to cultivate patience. Between the asanas I take some additional breaths, otherwide I try to stick to the correct vinyasa count.

Soccer time again: It's an opportunity to exercise yoga seats like padmasana (lotus pose). But also side split can be exercised easily......:)

E is back, he gave me two books as a present.....:). I love both, he knows my taste. One of the books is:

Shoulder chest

Back bending means also opening the chest. The shoulders pull back. This is a movement we don't do often in daily life. Back bending asanas like urdhva dhanurasana, but also kapotasana aim at opening the upper chest. I got some additional asanas. I put the elbows next to the head on blocks. The palms lie on the back. I am on my knees. Important is that the thighs are vertical ( 90° ankle to the floor). The chest pulls to the floor. Gravity helps.

"20 breaths", M said last time. I feel that this exercise is good for me.

I'll go to a Mysore class this morning. It's cold outside. I refuse to dress a winter coat!

Manduka yoga mat:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's difficult to use only words when I want to describe what I do to learn parighasana.
On the picture can be seen a preparation of the pose, not the final pose. Both hands shall hold the foot finally.
The shoulder that is closer to the floor shall move forward. When I hold the wrist of the other leg I can give me sort of adjustment. When I was long enough (several relaxing breaths) in that asana, I hold the foot with both hands and try to open the upper chest. Then the other side follows.

The legs form an ankle of 90°. This is a challenge for me, too. To exercise side split is another additional asana I want to practice more often to master those poses like parighasana.

This pose looks easy, but it isn't.
Especially for me it is true: what I exercise I am able to do. What I do not exercise becomes difficult.

Oh, it was a late practice today, but a good one. What a surprise.
Ashtanga second series:

Comme il faut

Simplicity: yep, this is it.
I'm back home. I live according to my own rhythm. That's good, I enjoy this. I don't miss company life. Not at all. I got an email a few hours ago that I won't get the offered job. Relief.

I prefer to work on my own projects, even though they seem to be desperate projects from time to time.
So, time to create the third blog on "making money online".

I go out

"I go out": more than 90,500 people search google with these three words. I will go out, I will have lunch outside in an Italian restaurant. I will write my journal there among all the business people and I will read another chapter in my book on Brasil. I want to have people around me.

A new name is needed for another blog on my business activities online. Many good names are already taken. It needs to be a name that is short and easy to remember. It surely also makes sense when the name points at the contents of the blog. Perhaps the waiter has a good idea. Or perhaps you??????
This blogging becomes work. Ah, it's fun for me, it doesn't feel like work. Hahahaha.

Vegetarian Italy:

PS: This evening Brasil and North Korea are playing. :) A match one shouldn't miss. I won't.


Spielfreude: This is a word that I hear often these days during the world cup. They have "Spielfreude", it is said, which means delight in playing, it means the teams feel joy when they play. There is no good translation for it, not in the English language. Amazing that we have a word for it, where we tend to take everything so seriously.
"We want to play," one of the German soccer playser said to the press greedily. It could be felt, he wants to play, he can't wait.

And I want to practice second series now, with joy.

(Thinking: this is reducing the gingival pain as adding a further discomfort - stretching discomfort. Hahahaha. But who knows, perhaps lightness is back today.)

Blues music:

Bloody Mary

Back from the dentist: The dentist is really great. I desperate already now when I think that one day he'll retire. He is only 5 years younger than me. He repaired my tooth. It was possible to add what broke out. I didn't feel anything. This was no more possible as the tooth is dead already. Grghhhhhh.

Of course I wanted to get my teeth cleaned. This one assistant simply does not like me. She is so brutal. Perhaps she is working profoundly, I thought, tasting  the blood. Very fast she worked, I couldn't prepare myself to the pain. Then half of my face became wet, because the water was coming out of this little mouth shower before it was in my mouth. She is unattentive, I thought. Afterwards she didn't put this salve on the treated gingival to calm it. "Rinse," she commanded unfriendly. I saw deep red blood when I disgorged. I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed, but the gingival didn't stop bleeding. "Was there so much calculus?" I asked her. I knew it wasn't. "There was pus," she answered with her East European accent. Pus???, I wondered, but I didn't say anything. She won't understand my allusions.

I take care of my gingival and my teeth. Nowadays. This means I clean my theeth after each and every meal (of course I floss as well). I know I belong to minority with this habit. I want to die with teeth in my mouth.
I still taste blood. Good that I had my breakfast already. I am not sure if I liked soy yogurt with banana and blood.........enough now.......:)


Up and busy

First the dentist.........
I will have coffee somewhere outside......
.......before I start with the other important tasks: shelf, taxes..........

E is in the bathroom.........we are 2 here now again......hahahahahaha

I am glad that I cleaned the kitchen yesterday's always like a fresh start the next morning.

Soccer: Ah, today the Brasilians play. Of course this is a must to watch........:)

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have enough. A bit of technique is also part of almost everything nowadays. But I have no clue. My internet explorer does not allow me to open even my blog pages anymore. It closes and opens and closes. I have no access to my stat counter. I tried E's PC. From his PC I have access. How to repair this now. It drives me crazy. I am at a point now where I think I have to sleep, before I attack this problem again. A solution must be found. For now I give up.

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. This does not cheer me up either.
And on Thursday the other doctor wants my blood.....hahahahaha.

In the early afternoon I will practice second series. This is the plan. Hopes are high that the body is bendier than this morning.

Picture is taken in South Africa 4 years ago........time flies. It seems to me as if this was yesterday.

Tony Parson:

Second series

Me to M: I haven't practiced yesterday. I hope it won't be hard today.
M: You will survive it.

I survived, but this was it.
Not those are the heroes who practice every day, but those who stop and have breaks of a few days and then they start again. This is difficult. All practices are volatile. There is either up or down, better or worse than the last practice. But the valleys are deeper for those who don't have a regular practice. This I realized today after only 2 lazy days.

Lightness was a vocabulary from a language I haven't heard so far. I felt heavy, so heavy, like a van. Even to lift up the arms seemed to be hard work. Perhaps I am also a bit too critical, because I managed it to bring the leg behind the head. Yes, I can remember this. But how I did it. Slow and yeah the lightness was missed. I practiced. And I hope that this was the valley today and that it goes upwards again tomorrow.

I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow, so I will practice in the afternoon. Then the body is already softer than in the morning.

Picture is taken somewhere in South Africa.

Second Ashtanga series with Mr Swenson:


Picture: Baddha konasana in South Africa, 4 years ago. Please enjoy the landscape. It's a beautiful country. Yesterday was a soccer evening. The German team played the first time during this World Cup. Ah, how I enjoyed the match. This was speed.

But now is Ashtanga time again. I got up a bit late. At 9am or a bit later I want to be at a Mysore class after 2 lazy days. Why ever, but yesterday I didn't practice and Saturday is my day off. Nevertheless I'll practice second series this morning. Focus as usual will be the breath.

When I look to the left, I see a tired male being in the bed: E is back. :) Hahahaha, he hasn't changed.

Btw, my vegan blog is updated more frequently now than in the past: .

Ashtanga second series and third series with Mr Swenson:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

yoga pose

Navasana with ball. Looking forward to the soccer match this evening: Germany : Australia.....ah, exciting.

Yoga practicing

So busy. Everything seems to be more important than my yoga practice. Even cleaning happens. And I went through my old pictures. In 2006 I was in South Africa with E. Why not publishing again a few pictures of this beautiful country.

But now it's time to step on my mat: primary. No discussion. I practice. NOW.

South Africa:


"A lier is not believed, even when he tells the truth_______________________."

This comment I found today in my comment box. I deleted it. The main reason, I got already comments with a line at the end and this led to a porn side.

Second reaction was: What, me a lier? Insolent!

Third thoughts: What else is possible but to lie? Nobody can speak the truth. Everybody has his/her own truth. As soon as words are used lying starts.

Example: I publish a pic of myself doing a yoga pose, back bending.
My non-yogis comment: Damned you are flexible, a contortionist.
Yogis comment: This pose a year you'll be likely able to do it as it supposed to be.
Me: Oh was I stiff today.

Who tells the truth? Everybody or nobody.

The only truth: I am......
Or another truth: Consciousness is all there is.
Nothing but thoughts, but never the entertained. Don't take anything too seriously (not even yourself).



At 7am my alarm clock woke me up. At 8am I got up.......:)

It's Sunday, this is the day I practice primary. I haven't tried yet to reach the floor with my finger tips, so I don't know  if I'm a bit stiff today or very stiff.......
Primary on Sundays serve as a preparation for the most intensive Mysore class on Monday.

Also today I will focus on the breath. The breath initiates the movements and it is even and deep.

It's good to move the body and not only to watch how others move their bodies (soccer!). Hahahaha.

For those yoginis and yogis who share my passion for soccer watching, here is a link to a soccer blog, written by my friend Anthony.

Yoga mats:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My yoga blog

Only a poor yogini is a good yogini.........
This is provocative. But my prejudice is that with a few very good examples, the masses of the yoginis and yogis are not so interested in business (everybody wants to have enough money of course, but this is something else.)
Darren Rowse advises: Look for a niche and blog about it. Don't write about everything in one blog. He's been there. I'm learning from him, this most experienced blogger. I will keep this blog (almost) free from my activities on how to make money online. This does not interest my yoginis. It shall be enough when they click on my links, how I make them do it is not so important.

I will write more posts in my blog . This blog exists for years, but more or less it is a neglected blog. I'll activate it. A healthy life-style, healthy eating supports the yoga practice. There is no doubt about it. So my main blog, this blog won't be free of food posts, but I have so much more to post on food. My yoga blog shall have the focus on my yoga practice, my vegan life style blog has another focus.
I summarize: Business as usual here, only that there are ads. New topics that interest me longer than a year deserve a blog of their own.
That's how the blog business is........


Soccer time: Also yoginis and yogis want to drink something when watching soccer. It needn't to be beer to cool down. I prepared for myself a strawberry soy milk.

Half time now for the Greeks and for the Korean players.

I like to watch at home as I like to listen to the comments.
Public viewing means noise, excitement, talking, cheering.

It's my yoga free day, I enjoy this.......

The fridge

I cannot imagine that anything is missing. It's not necessary to go shopping, which I regret as I like the new grocery store round the corner so much. But what is not necessary is not necessary.

Breakfast today: Banana with soy yogurt and a few cashew nuts.....

Summer time is fruit time:

No yoga

Today is my yoga free day. I do not practice one of the series. The body appreciates this rest day. It can be that I will practice pranayama and meditation, I shall see. But I have to wash my yoga clothes .....  hahahahaha.

Yesterday I got a phone call, a job offer. I said that I was available. On Monday I'll hear more. For 4 weeks or a few weeks longer I'd work as an accountant then, starting point: AT ONCE. Flees (money) must jump in my direction. I know that I will miss most soccer games of the World Cup and I will have to practice yoga on my own, always, but that's how it is. There is no choice. My online projects are not yet flying. An interim solution must be lived. How it comes it shall be OK for me. I am relaxed.

Saturday: The shops are open. I can or better have to go to the shelf shop again. This shop owner wants an advance payment. I wonder why he didn't asked for it when I ordered the shelf. He surely wanted to see me again (irony). Now I have to go to that shop again.
Sunday: Germany is playing, Munich will be like deserted. Either people will watch at home or they will do public viewing. Exciting times, entertaining times.
And last but not least: E will be back (smiling) after 4 weeks.

My Zelinski:

Almost midnight.....

The party is still in full swing. It will surely go till the early morning hours. But I am a yogini. I need my sleep. And I go up early (wish or reality?) That I stayed so long surprised even me, I mean it's now after midnight. This does not happen so often that I'm out for so long. Yep, I was entertained, talked to very nice people. We were all dressed like soccer fans (black, red, golden) and the men were even dressed like sportsmen (90% gay). Someone painted a German flag on my cheek. This made people later in the underground believe that I've watched the soccer game. But there was no TV at the party. Other commuters knew that Uruguay : France played 1:1. People talk to each other here during the world cup. A discussion about the French soccer team started, but I had to leave the underground. I had arrived.
I drank water and Coke and enjoyed the very delicious potato salad at the party. This reminds me that I will have to give water to my flowers, it was a hot day today.
Then I will sit for a while and I'll enjoy the silence.........before I go to bed.

Ramesh Balsekar, my favourite Advaita guru: Life happens.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Party time

How do I make a German flag (black, red, gold) out of me. We are asked to come to the soccer party with a soccer outfit. A black skirt, a black shirt with gold pattern, red earrings, a red hand bag and a red lipstick will do, I think............

Fan outfit obligatory, I read again. Yeah, I think I look like a fan........Mexico : South Africa in the afternoon and France : Uruguay in the evening......

Yeah, time to be flat is a mess. Where to start, where to start........

Eat healthy........


Uttkatasana with a ball. This pose is also called chair pose. The thighs can be parallel to the floor. This pose is good to develop leg muscles. Bandhas shall be used.
My balcony is my stage, hahahahaha....

Healthy living with vegan food also during world cup.........


Mysore class this morning was great.
To jump through becomes better. I imagine it I try it, I fail, I try it again, I fail and then suddenly the feet do not touch the floor anymore when they fly forward. Next time they are stopped again, but I try again and I fail and again and again and again.........

M helped me with urdhva dhanurasana. Also this pose becomes better. During my lifetime I'll be able to stand up from this pose, I thought today. I must think of a present for me when this happens.

To practice, to practice, to practice, to practice is the secret.

(My fellow yoginis and yogis are not so interested in soccer. "Does it start today?" I heard. Hahahaha)

At home again, I cut a fresh pineapple and put my soy chocolate pudding over it.

A lot activities have to be done. Since a few days I cannot open the stat counter page anymore. E recommended to go to a cafe with a hot spot to try it there. On Sunday he'll be back and then he'll help me. Perhaps a new browser will do........

For those who need some ideas for vegan food I posted a link to amazon. Enjoy.


Buh, I almost overslept. Is this possible? I needn't to be at the Mysore class at 9am. I can be there a bit later, but I don't want to. But stress is not necessary either. I watched TV a bit too long.
Yesterday they gave tips how to survive the world cup and what to do in case of a heart attack.
This morning they gave tips how to fix the flag. Hahahaha. It's obviously soccer time.

And for me it's Mysore time. I must hurry now..........I want sweat with my fellow yoginis........primary today.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Party time

No, no, no, no, in the morning I go to a Mysore class: primary is on the schedule.

Soccer TV programme starts in the afternoon, so do the parties. My neighbour just rang the bell and invited me. "Now we have a beamer!, she told me, "we have to use it." From 3:30 am on is party time, first in the backyard, later I'll join another party not so far away from here.

The tent in the backyard is already up, see picture. The cake is in the oven. Soccer unites........


Weather conditions

It's hot here. It was 5 when the led class started. The sun was still shining, it had almost 30° Celsius which is seldom here. I expected my yoginis and yogis in the swimming pools of the city. But no, the room was full of yogis and yoginis who wanted to sweat, while practicing primary.

The weather is (next to the time (evening or morning), weight) another factor that has immense influence on the practice. It makes my body bendy. Heat is able to bend iron. Heat has also the capability to cook the body soft. Consequence: I was astonished about my urdhva dhanurasana, this deep back bending pose. The feeling came up that the day approaches where I can stand up from this pose. Let's see how I see it tomorrow, when it will be fresher here and when I'll practice in the morning.........

To sweat is part of the practice and I sweated a lot today. It shall clean the body.
I feel good. The sun is still shining, my balcony doors are open. Time to read on my sofa: Brazil and blogging are the topics that interest me most for the time being.


Yep, I am ready, äähhhhhh, I mean to to go a led Ashtanga class................:)
Ashtanga yoga in the morning, watching soccer in the afternoon till the late evening, then going in a bar to cool down. This will be my next days and


As it is

No morning practice today. It's one of the 5 or 6 really hot days here. It has 31° Celsius. Shall I be happy when I practice once in the evening. I'll go to a led class.

Other activities happened:
- I made an appointment with the dentist (this was not so easy psychological, but necessary).
- I emailed the heights of my next shelf to the shop owner who sells these shelves.
- Last but not least I walked to the station to pick up a book. Jaoa Ubaldo Ribeiro, a man from Brazil was in Berlin for a year and wrote about it, about us, the Germans. This book is supposed to be a preparation for my trip to Brazil. I laughed already several times loud. We Germans, who do not want to be Germans, how true.


yoga yoga

For a few moments I thought to practice second series today, but I discarded this idea. Thursday is the day I practice primary again.
I have a lot of asanas in primary that needs attention (supta kurmasana, urdhva dhanurasana). It's better to add some asanas like hanumanasana than to practice again this more challenging second series.
Both series have forward bending asanas and back bending asanas. I have the possibility to give my best, shall this be enough.

The warm weather is helpful for a bendy practice.......:)

Yoga has tradition:

It's fun

"It's hard work ", I read yesterday by someone who created a blog that finally attracted readers.

But this is exactly the difference between him and me. For me it is (so far) no hard work, it is fun, fun. I feel a need to write. I love to share my life on my mat. I love to write about my trips. I am never too tired (never), to take a picture for my blog and to upload it. I don't even experience blogging as work. I am greedy to write about whatever. My fingers love to dance on the keyboard.

May I quote Darren Rowse in "problogger", page 4: "I love blogging. It is great to be able to work from home, on my own schedule, while helping and meeting so many people. I can't imagine a better way to earn a living!"

That's how I feel, I love blogging and I love to have an afternoon nap (means I want to listen to my needs).

Next steps: To update more regularly my second blog and to add ads.
I need access to stat counter!!!!!! I don't know how, but this problem must be solved. Today!!!!!