Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yoga poses

A picture says more than thousand words. Sometimes I add asanas to the classic series. This shall help me in the long run to be able to perform the series as it is supposed to be. A challenging pose is bakasana B. This is where one jumps into the pose.
As a preparation I go into a headstand. Hands and head form a triangle. Then I lower my legs. The movement happens in the hips. When the legs are on my upper arms I press my body up into bakasana. Then I do it the other way round again, head to floor and legs up to the sky. It is a balancing exercise - have fun.

A book on second series you can find here.


C.K. said...

There is a new movie out here called The Joneses, about a perfect-looking family who moves to a new place. Everyone wants to be like them and have the nice, new, fancy things they have (and which they don't actually need). Then it turns out they are not a family at all, but a marketing tool for the corporations making the products they're pushing.

It is a fine line, I think. And wouldn't you be happier writing a book, than trying to get your readers to buy other people's books?

Ursula said...

Both, both.......shall be possible.