Friday, May 14, 2010

Wow, I only wanted to do a few sun salutations......

I only wanted to do a few sun salutations to move my body at least a bit. It deserves to be moved, I thought. Lying in bed and sitting on the sofa is not so satisfying. After the first surya namaskara As and Bs, I didn't like to stop anymore. What surely helped was that my parents had turned on the heater and the room felt warm enough for some stretching. Yeah, yeah yeah the twists are moody and they react to each and every kilo more, but I was able to reach the wrists in marichysana C and D. Urdhva dhanursana was done, too, but no single extra asana.
It was an evening practice and in the evening the body is more flexible. I don't care. I loved to practice.
Sofa time has come again.......:) and tomorrow I respect my day off. This evening practice counts as a practice.

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