Sunday, May 30, 2010

Was this nightlife yesterday?

Was this nightlife yesterday, I wondered? I was out yesterday. I like spontaneous actions. I called U to inform her about our self-practice next Wedndesday and she asked me to join her, her 9 year old son and a friend in a Spanish restaurant (Olé Madrid). Something else, I thought. The rain had stopped for a while, I put on my trenchcoat, a sexy shirt and I went.

At home again I switched on the TV and realized that Germany would win the Song Contest. All these pictures of joy touched me. To identify with the winners is also a bit like being one.

It was after midnight when I went to bed. I was happy about our cleaning work during the afternoon. The smell of the Taurus oil was still in the air.

The yoga week starts with primary, mainly forward bending asanas. I will do full vinyasas. But first I must wake up. The second cup of coffee is next to me, how I enjoy it.

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