Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Now it is sure, the battery of my alarm clock is empty. It showed 10 o'clock this morning. "Oh no", I thought, "I slept too long". Accidentally I looked at my clock on my computer when I was up finally and it told me something else: It's still early, 8am. This IS good. The day will become sunny again and I want to enjoy. I want to have something from this summer day.

I managed it yesterday in the evening to step on my mat. I practiced "only" till ushtrasana. This was good, I think. My right overstretched leg needs relaxed times to heal. Yeah, I am slim and in good shape how some would say, and I know I repeat myself, but pashasana is not possible with 2 pounds+. I am fed up with this now and I remember Heidi Klum: you must want it Baby. Yeah, I want it Baby: pashasana must be possible again. I don't want to roll back each time I practice this pose: salad today......hahahahaha

Today something for my German readers: I had to cool down after the Monday evening thriller Tatort and I did it with Advaita literature: "Die Entdeckung der Ichlosigkeit" by Peter Pfrommer.


Anna said...

Ursula, which blogs do you read regularly? I've often wondered.

Ursula said...


Hahahahah, just a joke.

It changes, my darlings change. But I don't read so much to be honest, 3 perhaps. I like Larugas blog, especially her videos, I like Grimmly's blog to mention 2 of my fav. They are both on www.ashtangi.net . I check ashtangi.net on a regular basis (daily). If I find something interesting I read it.

I prefer to be on fb and communicate with people there.

I really think that my blog has 3 good points. First I write regularly, I do not write huge volumes, nobody has the time to read and I publish pictures. And believe me to take these pic IS time-consuming. I think it is my work to make the posts digestable. A post that needs an hour to read is too long! This is my humble opinion.

Yeah and what are you reading? I am curious. Smiling.
Enjoy my blog.....:)

Anna said...

Your blog is daily must for me (and when bored, I visit more than once a day as it's always interesting because you post a lot :-)
I get frustrated when I like a blog but they only post once in a blue moon - or just post two lines *all the time* :-)
I tend to like women bloggers and am interested in simple living/
travel/yoga/healthy-living/vegan/macrobiotic blogs. You seem to cover all that!!! I've been reading it for years.
I'll check out Grimmly's blog.

Ursula said...

Oh Anna, thank you for reading and thank you for your wonderful comments.....smiling....:)

Yes you and "my" readers have so much positive effect on me, I feel connected with my readers...:)