Friday, May 21, 2010

Up at 6 am

It seems as if I have a lot of energy today. I am up already at the wished time. My eyes opened before the alarm clock could wake me up.
The morning is free, yoga free. At 1pm we yoginis meet for a practice. Yesterday's practice was very intensive. The body will need a day off on Saturday.

Yesterday I did full vinyasas. I will do this today again. It feels good for me. To start from samasthiti again and again gives me fresh motivation for the next asanas. And it feels good to stretch upwards from time to time between all these forward bending asanas.

According to George Leonard the third ingredient for the way to mastery is passion. If passion is missing it's difficult to practice 5 times a week for years and decades. Re passion it's difficult to say anything: either you have it for something or not (my opinion).
The fourth ingredient re Mr Leonard is intention. But intention, visualization, mental exercises are worth an extra post.

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