Sunday, May 09, 2010

A table for my balcony

I had given up already yesterday when I was downtown. I went from shop to shop, no light and small table could be found. On my way home my eyes found that small table, I bought it at once and carried it home on my head like the Indian women carry heavy items. It's a light table, but it becomes heavy with every step one has to carry it.
I don't mind to sit on the floor on a warm blanket when I eat on the balcony, but when I have one guest (only one is possible for this small place) it's perhaps more convenient to sit on a chair and to have the beverages on a table. My mother would prefer this. Hahahahaha.
I create spaces here that I like......:)
I bought something, I should let go of something.....:) Inhaling, exhaling.......

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