Sunday, May 23, 2010


This Sunday practice seems to fulfill only one purpose and this is to prepare my body for the practice tomorrow. I practiced, but the body was stiff.
I am a bit bothered by a slight injury. I am overstretched at the top of my right leg and this can take some time to heal. Fact is I have this already 2 weeks and got it probably when I practiced leg behind the head. Now I have to be patient. Ah, it hurts and drives me crazy. It's part of the practice to be sore from time to time. It reminds us to practice ahimsa (non-violence).

I practiced full vinyasa. I didn't use Sharat's CD to start, but I will use it again. The standing sequence is simply more intensive when I practice according the CD.

No additional asana was done, I was not in the mood. Grghhhhhhh. Mood, what for a word. Shall really my moods decide what I do and what I not do, I wonder.

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