Monday, May 31, 2010

A statistic of the visitors of this blog at the end of May 2010

Average page loads per month: 8,865
Unique visitors per month: 6,291
First time visitors per month: 3,759
Returning visitors per month: 2,532

(Somehow I couldn't copy the graph.)

Thank you for stopping......but I want to go on with a little analysis:

How long are the visitors on the side?
This gives a more realistic picture:

78,8 % remained less than 5 secs this morning. (This is not enough time to buy anything, hahahahaha.)
There are always some visitors who are more than one hour on the blog or up to 20 min, but this is the minority. This data vary all the time.

Since the middle of May I participate in a partner program with amazon. It was not so easy to start, but after a few weeks I managed to connect my blog with amazon!!!
In the middle of May I also started to link posts to mainly (as more than 40% of the visitors of this blog come from the US. I am also part of the German, French and UK program.
The potential clients become less and less.

So far counted 143 clicks that came from my blog. Two books were sold and I will get 0,48 USD. Yep. 1,40% of the clicks turn into purchases, I even think this is what can be expected. will send me a cheque only when I made above 10 USD. This IS OK.
Actions are so good, because they always bring me down to earth.

I will go on till the end of the year (perhaps) and then I will decide again what to do. I sense already what it will be. I will stop. Till then I will gain experience in online marketing......:)
Figures: When the purchases allow me to buy a flight ticket to India I will go on, otherwise I will stop. But even this seems to be more a dream but realistic. How shall this happen, I wonder.

Further strategy:
- to link every post
- to check what tools amazon offers.
- to optimize the titles, checking google key words, (yoga related key words are more important than general key words as I like to attract not everybody.
- to link not only to books, but also to cameras i.e.

Conclusion: There were other projects in my mind. There was something, wasn't it?......:)

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