Saturday, May 29, 2010

The shelf

The shelf is up and it looks as if books have found a better place than being in piles on the floor. It's not most beautiful, but I think it is OK. Four times I went to the shop to carry the pieces of the self home. "I am strong", I told the owner of the shop. "You are mentally strong", he said to me. "I heard you on the phone." I had to phone with the stuff, there was a misunderstanding re the sizes of the floors of the shelf. And then we started a discussion that not so tall people have to compensate somehow. Hahahaha, he was even a bit shorter than me, he must know it. And there is a difference between men and women. When a woman is tiny, it's sweet, when a man is tiny, it's yeah, he tries to compensate.....hahahahaha.
The shelf is up. I am glad. The project "villa motley" progresses.
Yeah, I have to go soon as something is done, motivation soars. I can breath again, we dedusted a lot.

I need another shelf and I have found a place for it: behind my huge mirror.

It remains the laundry.

But this evening I will go out to see yogini U, her youngest son and a friend of her: Flamenco dancing in the restaurant Olé Madrid is on the schedule. Olé.

PS: So many books on my shelf and not a single link to amazon - a scandal.........:)

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