Thursday, May 20, 2010

Richard Branson - Screw it, let's do it

I need uplifting litterature for my business adventures. The shift from an employee to working on my own is accompanied with doubts from time to time. The medicine for this are good books and successful people who share his knowledge. Richard Branson is such a man and in addition he is an adventurer. Years ago I've read his autobiography and I couldn't put down my book. It's fun to read about his life. E bought me another book: Richard Branson - Screw it, let's do it.
I have only read a few pages so far, but I like this book already. It's not a book about business theory, Richard talks about what he has done: the undertitle of his book is: lessons in life and business. He writes like someone who stands with both feet on this earth: I read the words: business plan, identify your market. At the same time he is very uplifting: His staff call him "Mr Yes".
I'm currently reading his book.

I am working on a yoga calender 2011. Yeah, I need a business plan. Is there a market for it? ........Ah he keeps me going.......:)


Anonymous said...

A yoga calendar... wonderful idea Ursula! A great gift idea to encourage and share with people the love of a yoga practice too.. I'm creating a giftee list right now. Do it!


Ursula said...

Oh dear Debb, you are such a wonderful person.......feel hugged. You are soooooo encouraging. :)

susiegb said...

I'd love a yoga calendar - ashtanga yoga that is! I had one a few years ago that was just great! haven't seen any ashtanga ones since then though. Keep us posted!!

rhh said...

Ursula -- I agree with Debb. The yoga calendar is a good idea. I had a friend who went to Greece and turned his pictures into a calendar. It worked out well for him.

susiegb also is correct -- make it an 'ashtanga calendar'. That can be your selling point.

My suggestion is: print the numbers in heavy bold print so you can see the numbers across the room. Plus, leave lots of clean block space for each day, it can double as an appt. calendar. In our case, that is the one we hang by the phone.