Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Practice, practice, practice......

The second ingredient (beside an excellent teacher) if one wants to become good at something is practice. This is true for everything, of course also for yoga. To quote P. Jois: 99% practice, 1% theory.
In a good week I practice 7 times about 90 min (but I do not have always "good" weeks). The 3 Mysore classes are more intensive than my home practices, but my home practices are equally important for me. Once a week I go to a led class in the evening. Saturday is my day off. Is this enough practice? I'd say yes, my body is not able to digest more. I even do not want to go to a workshop. My daily practice is my focus. I make room for it.

Yep, I'm ready for another practice at home: second series today till vatayanasana.

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tanya said...

Yoga is a light once lit shall never dim.The better your practice the brighter the flame.It also overcomes the limitation of the body and teaches the goal of every individuals life inner journey to the soul.Therefore yoga offers both goal and the means to reach it.Hence buddy keep on practicing.