Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Only change is permanent

Earning some money while taking a nap, this is my dream. Hahahahaha. And now I am a little inch closer to this, thanks to amazon. As so often I will go on recommending books. The difference now is that I can upload a link to amazon and when someone buys and it is clear that this customer comes from my blog I get a small commission. Yep.

An analysis: Each month I have 5,783 visitors on my blog. (Many only for a few seconds, nevertheless.)
2,344 are returning visitors, 3,438 are new visitors. For me this means that I have to recommend the same books, cameras, yoga mats or whatever again and again. Repetition is the secret of "successful" advertising. This is a warning for the returning visitors.

Perhaps it is also welcomed to have the source of some goods available on the post.

My blog was created to keep me motivated re my yoga practice. This is still the main intention. To improve or a bit more modest expressed, to keep my English alive is my second wish when I write this blog. It's fun to get to know readers, I like to entertain you, yeah and now I want to make some money...........keep enjoying. (hahahahaha and buy at amazon via my links).


Anonymous said...

You are introduced me to many authors, whose books now sit on my shelves.. I will definitely do this in the future, Ursula.


Ursula said...

Thank you Debb for being so open-minded.

Yeah, this is modern times. I want to test it.