Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, the week begins........

I start the week with a Mysore class. It will be hard, I had the courage to step on the scales. Nobody but myself can be blamed that I ate too much at my parents home. For a long time I haven't been so heavy like this morning. Back to my eating routines will help me to reach my average weight soon. I must take my yoga practice easy today. Second series is on the schedule and yesterday I haven't practiced primary. This will make the practice double demanding. That's how it is. The breath is the focus and for the breath it is not important if I have practiced yesterday or how heavy I am. I plan to live healthy this week: salads, no alcoholic beverages. Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions!!! My mother motivated me to cook more. Self-made meals are better, healthier.
(Second cup of coffee is needed.)
Three weeks I'll be alone now. E is on a business trip. This gives me a lot of time to work on my projects (book). Yep!!!!!!!
E is sweet. Yesterday he couldn't find his Magnesium. He wrote me an email if we have forgotten them and if I knew where they were. I remembered that they must be in his trunk. He looked there and voilà, he found them. What would I do without you, he wrote me. Yep.......I find his stuff even though I am far away from him now.

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