Monday, May 10, 2010

Mastery, what does this mean......

Soon the soccer wold cup begins in South Africa. More ore less one wants to find out, who is the best soccer team worldwide.
What does mastery mean for myself. It can surely not mean to be the best Ashtanga yogini world wide. This is ridiculous. Even the goal to practice all the six series does not seem realistic for me.
Mastery for me means to practice according the own possibilities. Most of the time we are far below that in almost all areas of our lives. For Ashtanga yoga I want to accomplish a certain mastery, means to exercise my body according to my possibilities, abilities. This means to look for optimal conditions.
One of the conditions is to have an excellent teacher. CDs, DVDs of the best Ashtangis are nowadays available and affordable for everybody. But nothing can substitute an excellent teacher who teaches face to face or in a group, because only in a face to face session feed-back can be given. The importance of an excellent coach or teacher is seen in competitive sports. This is why in soccer the coach is so important and the manager are not at all gingerly to fire and hire someone new if success is not seen. I am very lucky to have an excellent teacher now here in Munich who supports me as much as it is possible. This I do not give up so quickly. It motivates me to leave the nine to five jobs behind me, hopefully for ever. Ashtanga yoga is only a hobby, but a very beloved hobby.

Mysore class was excellent this morning. I am learning, learning, learning. The asanas of the second series are still so demanding that I need breathing breaks between them. Practice is slow, very slow. I don't care, I did what was possible today. I'm looking forward to my home practice tomorrow.

So and the afternoon is dedicated to other activities. I want to connect blogger with amazon. This will occupy me this afternoon. To be powerful I give me 30 min relaxation on the bed.

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