Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Mysore class this month

Yeah, also yoga teacher want to go on vacation from time to time. Today is the last Mysore class for the month May. I will have to practice on my own also all the the second series poses. I am glad that I will practice second series today, so that I get again help in the poses that I cannot do on my own (karandavasana i.e.). Urdhva dhanurasana developped beautifully lately, I hope my openess in chest and hips remains......

My emergency program:
I will practice daily in the morning (!), as usual 3 times primary and 3 times second series. I do not make so many breaks when I start with the CD by Sharath. This I will do. On Friday I will practice with the entire CD to have a led class.
Next week I'll go with a yogini friend to a Jivamukti class. We want to see the new studio.
It can be that I go to a led Asthanga class to the air yoga studio on Sunday. It's been ages that I've been there and the huge yoga room is so beautiful.

Picture: It is a pose from the first series, but sometimes I do it before krounchasana as a preparation.

Oh, how I will miss these wonderful Mysore classes...........

(48,3 kg again, still a bit too much to be able to do pashasana on my own. But what can I expect. On Sunday I was 49, 7. I am sure tomorrow I'll be again under 48 kg again. That's how it is supposed to be. Everything over 48 does not please me at all and makes me nervous.)

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