Monday, May 24, 2010

The journal

Before practicing second Asthanga series I write my journal. It's so good weather today that I sit close to my balcony. It's comfortable for me to sit on the floor, I even prefer this to sit on a chair. Till after lunch time I have sun on my balcony. Oh what a great day today.
Journaling first, then practing yoga........:)


Peaceloveyoga said...

hmmmm. I'm still working on the journal thing. So do you feel it's better to write before practice on most days?

I've tried morning pages before, maybe it's time to take up the practice again. :)


Ursula said...

Hi Laruga, yeah for me it's easier to write my journal first. I have my cup of coffee with it. My body also needs some time till it is ready to practice.

I started the morning pages (10 years ago) first. Later I added my Ashtanga practice. This can be a reason why it cames later.

My body needs about 1 hour to be ready to practice yoga....:)

Good luck with writing. As soon as it is a habit it's easier....:)