Saturday, May 08, 2010

It's like travelling

I buy my mangoes at the Pakistani. "No problem now anymore, till November you can buy mangoes." Mango is my favourite fruit, he knows it. "Oh, I am very glad now," I answer him.
I buy Ajuvar, and sesame seeds at the Indian shop.
The olive oil I get at the Greek shop.
The fresh coriander I get at the Asian shop, where a woman from Vietnam is the sales person.
The bread for tomorrow I buy at the German bakery.
When I go shopping here it is a bit like travelling around the world.

I will cook today, something Indian.


Anthony Godinho said...

Nice post - I liked the diversity of foods and cultures from various parts of the world and how they converged into your grocery bag and to your kitchen and into your tummy! ;)

Ursula said... would have been good to add: this is what makes our country rich, the people that come from all areas of the world and who like to live here.