Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Intensive Mysore class

I knew that it would be intensive, today. The breath is my focus. But also off the mat. I left the yoga studio today and then I realized that my breath was very flat. I deepened it, deep breathing also off the mat.

Back to the practice: I was shown an extra exercise to learn bakasana B (jumping in that pose). I do a headstand (both flat hands are on the floor and form a triangle with the head). Then I lower the legs and put them on the upper arms. Then I lift myself up into bakasana. It is a balancing exercise and I need the headstand as it is part of the second series.

Twice we practiced kapotasana. "We", because I get always adjustments when I do this pose. Slowly I understand back bending: It is strong legs, the hips open and the chest opens. Some yoginis have difficulties with opening the hips, some with opening the upper body. It can be seen when yoginis do urdhva dhanurasana. But the principle is the same for all back bending asanas: strong legs, open hips and open chest.

To have joy to learn is important, to keep curiousity fresh and alive. There is always something to learn. Learning also means to be confronted with failing, not being able to do what I wish to be able to do. To take this easy helps to have fun also when a pose is not at all possible. Repetition, repetition is the secret to master each and every pose.

And tomorrow primary.

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