Friday, May 28, 2010

Insider tip

Our self-practice is really an insider tip. Today we were 8 committed yogis and yoginis.
My practice was top. I had the feeling as if I have understood the first time what this practice is about. I had flow, because I focused on my breath all the time. I had to practice with awareness as my back hurt. But miracle happens. I had the feeling as if something is simple not at the right place at my back. In the middle of the practice I realized that my back is 100% OK again. My practiced healed my back. Of course this makes me happy. Ashtanga yoga is moving, breathing, not so much trying to perform an asana as perfect as possible.
Ambition was tamed today (due to my back), not a single asana was added. Primary was practiced in it's purest form.......ah was that good today.
Tralali, tralali,..........

And tomorrow is my day off. Marathon cleaning is on the schedule.

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