Sunday, May 02, 2010

Inhaling (energy), exhaling (let go)

Surprise, surprise, I had an excellent practice this morning. On Sundays I practice primary. The mind had a task: when I inhaled I thought: I inhale energy. When I exhaled, I thought: let go. This brought me deep into the asanas. It only can happen. Working with effort has its limits. I know now and the body knows it too, which muscles need to be engaged and which muscles need to be relaxed. To relax into a pose then, to let it happen, is it.

I did some additional asanas: hanumanasana forward and sidewards.
I practiced eka pada sirsasana after supta kurmasana, this pose improves. It's one of the poses where it is crucial to be able to relax.......
Urdhva dhanurasana: I stretched one leg after the other to the sky. Then I rocked forwards and backwards as a preparation to stand up from this pose. The hands lifted rather high, but I couldn't come up. Oh, oh, shall it happen, too.

In total my practice was a good preparation for second series tomorrow.

Yepee, I practiced....:)


Rocketgirl said...

I really enjoy your blog! I particularly enjoyed this post...I have some mantra words I use for breathing. Inhale - calm, exhale - ease. Have a wonderful Sunday! Namaste

Ursula said...

Thank you rocketgirl......
To practice yoga is really an interesting journey....:)
I like your mantra, too.


Stargirl said...

When I practice I visualize sucking energy into my body and pushing out stress and anxiety. It really helps to keep the practice calm and relaxed.

Facu said...

I really love to read your blog. I´m from Argentina sorry about my bad english, i try to do my best :)

Here is were I practice is a nice place, very quiet.

well, good bye for now!

Ursula said...

Hi, Your English is perfect. English is my second language, too.
Your yoga studio looks very beautiful and peaceful. I wish you happy practices.