Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If this was a good idea? I am not sure.

I changed my occupation in my profile from accountant to bon vivant.
It is interesting that I couldn't find an adequate translation for "Lebenskünstler" in the English language. Bon vivants one can find in the French societies.
There are thousands of accountants on blogger but only few hundreds of bon vivants. With this occupation I am part of a minority.


Anna said...

According to my brother, we might have no one-word equivalent in English although we know what it means (someone who knows how to make the most of life or how to get the most out of life). I'm not sure that you're a 'bon vivant' (hilarious that I can even say that knowing you only through the internet!) as this implies more of a 'gourmand' I think - another French word!).
I see you more as Occupation: Free Spirit :-)

Ursula said...

Yeah, I love your comment. To discuss words in different languages is interesting. And I see it as you see it: The German word Lebenskünstler is not exactly bon vivant. I do not connect it with good food, more with smart survival. I am surely not a Depardieu, who left a party to make a tomato salad. Perhaps free spirit fits better, you are right. :)