Friday, May 28, 2010

I will be able to practice.......

Ah, it's part of it. It simply happens from time to time these annoying injuries that remembers me to appreciate the times when I am fit 100%. My back still hurts, one of the back muscles on my left side is unhappy (very unhappy). The bath yesterday with sandal wood salt was relaxing, but healing needs time......if I want it or not I have to exercise being patient.

Today the yogis/yoginis meet again to practice together. This I do not want to miss. It's such an intensive atmosphere, this does not happen every day.

My modified morning routine: a few sun salutations, pranayama (uddjay breathing for 5 min, then a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing) and 10 min meditation. I simply want to keep up a morning routine, it's easier to go on with anything than to jump off and on the wagon.

What else: Today I get my shelf. I have to carry it home - piece by piece......I am glad that this shelf project comes to an end.....

A book on Asthanga yoga by Beryl Bender Birch.

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