Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I was out

I was out. My steps ushered me to the steps in front of  the Glypthothek. In the meantime I can be lucky when I get a seat there. Many students gather there in the evening. They drink and eat and chat and make phone calls. One guy was playing the guitar. I usually have a blanket with me and then I sit there and obsersve people and my own thoughts, that come and go.

Yoga: Tomorrow and on Thursday and on Friday the yoginis and yogis meet to practice on their own. C is our manager, she organised everything.....:)

For those who are too smart to work in corporations: here is the Zelinski.
Ashtanga yoga is time-consuming....:)


Maverik said...

Ah, your statement though simple and perhaps nonchalant, has struck me: ""Do we need an occupation?"" Knowingly or otherwise, you have made such a profound philosophical statement that would linger on. I would even like the idea of presenting a short interview about you in my site and if you are okay please send me an email. Accept a new fan of yours!
Kudos! And looking at your blog, I am indeed awe-struck at the passion you have for Yoga. I have learned advanced stages of yoga (I mean, 'advanced' could be subjective!) and admire ones who love it too.
I would be privileged if you could visit my site (I am not a pro blogger but I just started off but have considerable personal experience in Yoga) http://www.all-under-the-sun.com/yoga-for-beginners-practical-no-nonsense-advice.

Ursula said...

Hi Maverik, I am flattered when you like to publish an interview about me on your side. Why not? I like your idea very much.

I also want to offer you: If you like to be a guest blogger on my side you are very welcomed.....:)

Maverik said...

Ursula, my apologies for coming back late; I had a few personal exigencies. First of all, thanks a lot for accepting my offer to interview you. How would you like the interview to be done? Would it be okay if I send you an email with my questions so that you can reply with your answers? I could ask you to send me an email on how you want to do it, but no. Let me come to your blog and in the excuse of finding your reply, let me know more about Yoga from you!

Ursula said...

Maverik, I feel fantastic. No reason to apologize.
Write a comment with your email. I won't publish this commment, but I'll answer you. Then we can discuss further steps....

Have a great day.