Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here and now

So many topics are in my mind. Good to start with the here and now. I am up, I woke up without alarm clock. The to do list is long today: Main activity shall be cleaning. Tax declaration comes into my mind. This is a very important to do item, too.

Today is my yoga free day.
Next week I'll have to organise our self-practice. C is in the sky, so she won't be able to organise it. I am not so good at organising, but it shall be possible for me to do it. We all liked our self-practice so much and we had most intensive practices we should gather at least once next week. It will be the Wednesday.
1. step: Asking if we can get the room
2. step: Posting on facebook when we practice
3. step: Informing U and M via phone or email, when we practice and convince them to join facebook!!!!

Also yogis and yoginis can be highly effective people.

I start my day with a healthy breakfast: a mango with soy yogurt. It's always possible to get back to a healthy life style.

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