Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Got parighasana today.....

Parighansana: M takes care that I do the correct vinyasa count right from the beginning on. I repeated the pose a few times. Mentally it is understood. The pose might be easier like other ones, but for me is true: what I do not exercise, I cannot do. The pose seems to be a side stretch. The stretched leg is in an ankle of 90%. What can be exercised every day is side split.

Mayurasana: I got an exercise that might finally allow me to do this pose that seems impossible for me. I do not use blocks under my hands anymore. First I am on my knees and then I stretch the legs, the head is up. I have the feeling that I slowly approach to the pose, it might look not so.....:)

And I got an additional exercise for the back bending. My shoulders are not open in order to be able to do the deep back bending like kapotasana. This shall have nothing to do with flexibility, but with letting go. I know that this is right. Yeah, I've a lot to work on again. I had a most inspiring Mysore class again. I'm very happy.

I was very concentrated today, I loved my practice.........

Time for a nap........I set the timer.

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