Friday, May 21, 2010

George Leonard - Mastery. The keys to success and long-term fulfillment

I read this book by Leonard years ago, but I got back to it again and again. He writes about mastery. He himself practices Aikido, but his principles are applicable for everything where a human being may strive for mastery.

One chapter I remembered very often: Be prepared that plateaus are coming. And simply go on. To be good at anything means practicing for years and decades. During such a long period times of less motivation, doubts may happen, for sure. Being prepared for this helps not to take this too seriously and simply going on.
I meet a lot of enthusiastic beginners here in the yoga scenery, but not so many practice a decade or longer. There must have been a point where all these enthusiastic practitioners gave up. I went on, and perhaps it was because I was prepared that times would come, where one only has to go on.

Another important chapter and ingredient on the way to mastery is intention. Here George Leonard discusses the importance of relaxation, visualization. All top sportsmen (and -women) use these techniques in the meantime. I think it's worth to integrate them in the yoga practice.

At the end came the surprise for me. The methods on the way to mastery can be applied in relationships. But read yourself...........:)

And for the German readers: The book is available at under the title Der längere Atem.


Peaceloveyoga said...

I've never heard of this book. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. XO

Tracy said...

He was a Huge presence in Marin county...lived in Mill Valley close to our home. Thanks for sharing this book. He was a great man!

Ursula said...

Oh Tracy, you know God and the world....:)