Thursday, May 20, 2010

The enthusiasts

Today at 1:30 pm one yogi and three yoginis met to practice Ashtanga yoga together.
We all have different talents and one yogini managed it to organize a yoga room for us.
The excitement of the first time gave us even more energy than we already have. We started our practice after having chanted the opening prayer. A lot of energy was in the room, focus and  joy joy, joy. Ah, I love my yogis and yoginis here.

Tomorrow we'll repeat this game........:)

I am very glad that I exercised flexibility of the mind. It needn't be always the morning hours when I step on my mat.


Claudia said...

that is great! congratulations, I love practicing with people :-

Tracy said...

AWESOME! Wish I could "play" too!!
Enjoy your new group~ Love it!!!